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Sid Fuchs, SDMI Senior Fellow and MacAulay-Brown President and CEO, is recognized for leadership and creating a top workplace.

December 17, 2014

Fuchs Official Executive Photo

Sid Fuchs, SDMI Senior Fellow and MacAulay-Brown President and CEO, is recognized for leadership and creating a top workplace.  Executive Director Joseph Booth adds “SDMI congratulates Sid Fuchs for this latest accomplishment and recognition.   This news brings no surprise, just proud delight to see Sid once again singled out for his strong corporate and personal strengths.” Read full article.… Read the rest

SDMI Senior Fellow Fights Ebola in West Africa

December 10, 2014

Workers practice correct donning and doffing of PPE

The largest ever outbreak of the Ebola virus is an ongoing health crisis in the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.  Sierra Leone has been especially hard hit with over 7,000 cases since July.  SDMI Senior Fellow Dr. Christopher Mores is there to develop and deploy biocontainment strategies to mitigate this current outbreak, both in the community and at the Ebola Treatment Center (ETC) in Port Loko outside of Freetown.  Dr. Mores is serving as the lead epidemiologist, biocontainment specialist, and infection control officer in collaboration with the Irish NGO GOAL Aid Agency. He is providing critical leadership in addressing the ongoing Ebola outbreak.  Dr. Mores has previous experience in developing means to deal with outbreaks of the Ebola virus, having worked with the virus as a postdoc at USAMRIID.  His expertise and experience is being used to develop strategies to better understand the drivers of transmission in effort to eventually slow the transmission of Ebola. Especially important is his work in biosafety for healthcare workers, as over 200 healthcare workers have contracted Ebola since the start of the epidemic. Additionally, Dr. Mores and SDMI are providing advice and guidance to government and private sector entities to provide greater resiliency against Ebola virus outbreaks.

You can keep up with Dr. Mores and his Ebola response by following his blog:; or by following him through SDMI at… Read the rest

SDMI Develops Mobile App for Louisiana State Police

December 3, 2014

Mobile dashboard for HazFlow web application

Recognizing the important role that the Louisiana State Police (LSP) has during an emergency, SDMI has recently assisted the LSP in developing a responsive desktop and mobile web based application to assist first responders in planning and response to HAZMAT within their jurisdictions and organizing collected data efficiently.

The HazFlow application allows participating parties to collect information from vehicles carrying hazardous cargo traveling through various intersections, checkpoints, and other locations.

HazFlow utilizes a selected mobile device’s internal GPS to capture the hazardous cargo survey point and/or lets the user select the exact location on a map. The app records all of this data as well as dates and times of the survey, time-stamps of each vehicle that is recorded, the id of the user conducting the survey, and provides reference images of different types of hazardous cargo vehicles and placards. The app is available for the LSP and their Joint Emergency Training Center (JESTC) to use with IPad, IPhone, and Android devices.

Lieutenant Kelly Feet of the Louisiana State Police Department said the HazFlow app is simple, easy to use and timesaving.

“We can now get days worth of work done in a couple of hours,” Feet said. “It’s simple to record data and the way it is exported makes it even easier to analyze.”

The LSP and JESTC provide training and support to first responders for the application. SDMI is responsible for the support, storage, and maintenance of HazFlow data captured by users as well as long-term analytics and statistics to further part of SDMI’s mission to continuously improve disaster management.

Other emergency responders or disaster management personnel may obtain access to the Hazardous Commodity Flow Survey training and the HazFlow web application by contacting Richard Browning or Kelly Feet of JESTC at 225-658-2618.… Read the rest

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