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SDMI Welcomes Waguespack Insurance as a Corporate Member

September 10, 2014

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SDMI is delighted to announce Waguespack Insurance as an SDMI Corporate Member. Corporate members of the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute’s Center for Business Preparedness consist of corporations, foundations, and individuals whose passions are aligned with our pursuit of the improvement of emergency management, business continuity, and community resiliency. These organizations and individuals provide the private support needed to sustain these programs and continue to assist our communities in being better prepared and more resilient when disaster strikes.

Waguespack Insurance is an independent agency that handles all types of commercial and personal insurance. Waguespack Insurance is dedicated to not only providing quality insurance to its customers, but also providing tools and information to help businesses succeed.

Tim Waguespack, President of Waguespack and Associates, Ins., Inc., is excited to announce this partnership with SDMI. “Waguespack Insurance is delighted to become a corporate member of SDMI. SDMI and its Center for Business Preparedness is focused on community and business resiliency and we see this partnership as a way to serve our clients and help their businesses become more prepared in the face of disasters and business interruption.”

Corporate Memberships make it possible for SDMI to research and develop current and relevant disaster knowledge, and to provide executive-level leadership education to the next generation of disaster managers, as well as business, volunteer, and government leaders. The memberships also ensure that SDMI will continue to be available to our University, state, and region as an international disaster resource center as we continuously improve disaster knowledge and education for our country.

For more information on how you can help support the mission of the Stephenson Disaster Management Insitute, contact Pat Santos at 225-578-7853 or Lauren Bourg at 225-578-7668.… Read the rest

Turning the Tech Tide. SDMI Featured in Baton Rouge Business Report

September 9, 2014

SDMI and the newly-established Transformational Technology and Cyber Research Center (TTCRC) was recenlty featured in the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report. The story highlights the importance of technology in Louisiana ,the role of the research center, and its close relationship with the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute.

 “The role of the TTCRC will be to raise money and attract private grant funds. In that endeavor, it will work closely with the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute, among others. SDMI has been one of LSU’s great success stories in recent years. Founded after Hurricane Katrina with a $25 million donation from Emmet and Toni Stephenson, the institute has become a national leader in the field of major disaster management, developing practices, protocols and attracting companies that are coming up with useful tools and products in that all-important arena.” - Stephanie Riegel

For the full article, click here: Turning the Tech Tide

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SDMI Discusses Cybersecurity and How to Protect Your Business

September 5, 2014

SDMI’s Information Systems Program Manager, Henry “Paco” Capello, recently sat down with The Advocate to discuss cybersecurity risks that small businesses face and the steps SDMI is taking to bring awareness to this issue and ensure these businesses are protected.

Capello, and SDMI, are spreading the word that even the smallest firm or business can easily take the steps necessary to minimize the impact of a cyber attack, and do so on a very small budget.

“One of the things we wanted to share is that we want small businesses to know we’re a resource for them,” Capello said. “We’re looking for what kind of training they need, and we’re going to set it up and provide it for them.”

For the full article and a list of steps your business can take to protect from a cyber attack, click here: Businesses Face Increased Risk of Hacking

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