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When it comes to disasters, we live in a world of constant redefinition of the new normal in natural and man-made threats. Working to reduce the cost to human and animal life, SDMI is addressing the systems and processes that drive our ability to better prepare for, mitigate against, respond to, and recover from disasters. SDMI addresses gaps in the disaster management training, doctrine, and practice. Some of the greatest needs are reflected in our specific donation programs, and donations to SDMI go directly to improving the practice of disaster management and saving lives.

Animals in Disaster

Animals are largely dependent on human care in the face of a disaster, which can mean terrible suffering without appropriate attention. Additionally, they have proven to be a deciding factor for families in choosing whether or not to evacuate from an approaching disaster. SDMI partners with organizations like the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry and LSU School of Veterinary Medicine to assure that animals are properly cared for in disaster situations. Join SDMI in this critical and often overlooked need.

Your donation to support animals in disaster will:

  • Save and protect animal lives
  • Support and fund animal care equipment and capabilities
  • Create solutions for the various needs of pets and other animals in disasters and other emergencies
  • Bring various animal care providers and organizations together to coordinate efforts, share resources and best practices and focus attention on animal disaster response
  • Provide online information resources
  • Provide subject matter expertise as needed to conduct specific and applied research to develop new means to save the lives of animals in a disaster

Community Resiliency

In areas struck by disaster, the lack of preparation and planning for recovery and continuity of operations has had a devastating effect on the economies of the affected areas. But the facts are clear, with basic advanced planning, businesses and other critical services can recover their normal operations and survive disaster and other catastrophic interruptions. Your donation to SDMI community resiliency efforts will enhance the community’s ability to recover from future disasters.

Your donation to support community resiliency will allow SDMI to:

  • Work with private sector, government and university experts to improve community resiliency
  • Deliver business continuity workshops to businesses and nonproft organizations
  • Provide professional services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations that lack resources for continuity planning
  • Provide online informational resources and promote the benefits of business preparedness
  • Provide education, training and resources to private and public sector organizations in efforts to build greater community resilience against disaster-based interruptions of normal business operations



SDMI's donors play an essential role in sustaining the quality and impact of our experts' work by providing critical financial resources.