SDMI Hosts USAID-OFDA Delegation



For their forth visit to the United States and LSU, USAID-OFDA returned to Baton Rouge to learn from the many organizations, agencies, and people who work in the field of disaster management in Louisiana. The delegation consisted of government and university members of the South American Counties of Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

During their week in Louisiana, the delegation received briefings and informational sessions from state and local agencies on disaster preparedness, response and recovery. The group toured the New Orleans Emergency Operations Center, The State Emergency Operations Center, LSU Fire Emergency and Training Institute (FETI), Louisiana Department of Health Emergency Operations Center and LAHOUSE. Presentations included information on recent Louisiana response to flooding events, ZIka, Hazard Mitigation Programs, Volunteer Coordination Programs and homeland security training programs.

USAID-OFDA will send their fifth delegation back to SDMI-LSU in September of 2016.

Quote from Director: “The relationship with USAID-OFDA continues to be one we are proud to continue growing. SDMI has been able to host over 100 delegates from the South American, Caribbean and Central American regions while sharing experiences in disaster management. Over a dozen countries have been represented over the course of this partnership, and we look forward to continuing to provide international education opportunities to others in the disaster management community. SDMI strives to continue to cultivate a culture of preparedness beyond the borders of Louisiana.”