Center for Business Preparedness

Located at the main campus of Louisiana State University, the Center for Business Preparedness (CBP) was established by SDMI to bridge the gap between academic research, business preparedness, and continuity of operations.  Specifically the Center focuses on applying proven business management techniques to the challenge of disaster preparedness and community resilience.  Currently, the field of preparedness studies lacks the baseline metrics and business benchmarks needed to promote the value of preparedness to small businesses.  Therefore, the Center is committed to promoting a cultural shift in the value of preparedness through a national initiative in small business preparedness.

Using the Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program (Title IX of PL 110-53) as a starting point, four areas were identified to provide an actionable framework for the initiative.  These areas are research initiatives, messaging and marketing activities, communications and message delivery, and justification for small business preparedness:

  • Promote regional and community resilience through better preparedness businesses, and reduce economic interruption to businesses
  • Promote public-private partnerships through workshops, seminars, and training;  Improve interagency coordination as well as coordination with the private sector
  • Improve data collection, management, analysis, and dissemination capabilities related to the value of preparedness and mitigation
  • Conduct, promote, and evaluate demonstrations by current providers of small business preparedness and mitigation services
The CBP is actively seeking to partner with other organizations of all sizes, including private sector businesses, government agencies, NGO’s, knowledgeable individuals, and other academic institutions.  Together we develop the next generation of tools and practices that will result in improved operations and preparedness for businesses, their supply chain partners, and the extended community.


In an effort to implement preparedness and mitigation outreach and education projects geared towards small business owners and nonprofit organizations, SDMI created the Louisiana Business Resiliency Resource portal with funding from the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.  Close to 30 workshops were conducted across the state of Louisiana, and over 400 small businesses and nonprofit organizations were trained in hazard mitigation and business continuity planning.  For more information, please visit


For more information about the CBP and how to become a partner, please contact Lexie Andrews, Project Manager, at or (225)578-7034.



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