SDMI Disaster Lab

SDMI - Disaster Lab Image

Working with former LSU Chancellor Michael Martin, SDMI led the renovation of an LSU facility on South Campus, building the state-of-the-art SDMI Disaster Lab, home of the Joint Training Cyber Lab (JTCL), a collaboration between SDMI, LSU’s Transformational Technology and Cyber Research Center, and the Louisiana National Guard. SDMI engaged the private sector and secured support from companies including Entergy Louisiana, Dell, Aruba Networks, Avaya, Polyvision, GoTo Meeting, Frontrow, and Citrix to build the Disaster Lab. The SDMI Disaster Lab, when not being used as the JTCL, will serve as a research, simulation, and training facility for the state and the nation’s efforts of advancing and optimizing crisis leadership education for emergency managers and the private sector. The SDMI Disaster Lab’s success as a collaboration between the public and private sectors underscores LSU’s continuing commitment to its mission of engaged research, education and public service.



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