Port of New York and New Jersey Cyber Intrusion Tabletop Series



As part of the Port Exercise Program though the SDMI and Stevens Institute Partnership, a three day tabletop exercise series event focused on a targeted cyber attack was conducted at one of the nations’ busiest and critical ports.

Over the course of three days, tabletop exercises were conducted with selected port partners and operators. Each day posed a new, unique and targeted cyber related attack on the following port industries and operators; Day 1 – Oil and Gas, Day 2 – Container Operations, Day 3 – Ferry Operators. These partner operations are critically important to everyday operations at the port. Disruptions to service, and plans and polices in place were tested over the three day event.

Each group walked through cascading events specifically targeting their industrial control systems and operations which would have the ability to cripple a nationally significant port, causing millions of dollars in economic impact.

Mr. Stan McKinney of the Naval Post Graduate School Executive Education Program served as lead facilitator.

Quote from Director: “There exists no other State that understands threat, vulnerability and risk, greater than New York City and its neighboring communities. Our partnership with Maritime Security Center allowed for SDMI to provide extensive exercise and cyber support to arguably the largest port and it’s facilities in the nation. Though these deliveries, SDMI will be able to continue to work with the Maritime Security Center and other critical ports throughout the country on cyber, and other high risk hazards the port communities will face in the future”.