Special Issue Journal of Transportation Safety & Security

The National Evacuation Conference, co-hosted by the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute, spurred a special issue of this publication. Six papers presented at the conference appeared in this issue.

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Enhancing Private Sector Engagement: Louisiana’s Business Emergency Operations Center

Authors: Joseph Booth, Andres Calderon, and Jamison Day, Stephenson Disaster Management Institute; Ramesh Kolluru, Jason Rawls, and Shannon Strother, National Incident Management Systems and Advanced Technologies Institute

Public sector emergency management is more effective when it coordinates its efforts with private sector companies that can provide useful capabilities faster, cheaper and better than government agencies. A business emergency operations center (BEOC) provides a space for private sector and non-governmental organizations to gather together in support of government efforts.

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Mitigating Disaster: Improvising Information Technology in Response to Extreme Events

Authors: Suzanne Pawlowski, Stephenson Disaster Management Institute Research Affiliate; J.C. Borne, Louisiana State University

In the wake of extreme events, communities immediately adjacent to disaster areas have a unique and important role in mitigating the effects of the resulting hazards to human life and property. This paper reports on an exploratory, qualitative case study to examine the use of information technology in conjunction with disaster mitigation activities in an area adjacent to a large disaster.

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The National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Relief and Disaster Assistance Missions: An Approach to Better Collaboration with the Public Sector in Post-Disaster Operations

Authors: M. Jude Egan, Stephenson Disaster Management Institute; Gabor H. Tischler

FEMA currently divides post-disaster operations into two phases: Response and Recovery. The nonprofit sector, primarily through the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD) member organizations, provides services and distributes goods in ways that straddle both Response and Recovery.

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Private Goods and Services Contracts: Increased Emergency Response Capacity or Increased Vulnerability?

Author: M. Jude Egan, Stephenson Disaster Management Institute

The United States public sector increasingly contracts with and relies upon private firms to provide public goods. While this has brought efficiency gains in many contexts, in the disaster response context, these gains may be offset by increasing vulnerability to the public emergency response system by making it subject to the fragility of lean supply chains.

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