About Us


The mission of the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute is to save the lives of people and animals by continuously improving disaster response management through leadership in applied research and executive education.

  • Close the gap between emergency management practitioners and academic researchers by causing collaboration.
  • Apply business principles and research to bear on disaster preparedness, mitigation, and recovery.
  • Produce applied research and disseminate best practices to individuals, businesses, and practitioners

Demonstrating thought leadership and operating leading programs, the Institute is making a difference in improving overall community and system resiliency against disasters and their aftermath. Stephenson Disaster Management Institute works with leading academic scholars to focus research on the particular problems of disasters, transitioning relevant research into information products and aligning subject matter expertise with disaster management decision makers. SDMI also works with its research affiliates and senior fellows to collaborate on new projects and research proposals that will improve each phase of disaster events, from pre-event preparedness through post-event recovery.

Stephenson Disaster Management Institute has a deep bench of respected research affiliates. Additionally, its senior fellows enjoy recognition as respected experts in the various fields of disaster management practice.

What They Are Saying About SDMI:


“As a native Louisianan and someone who has seen the front lines of Katrina, I am encouraged to know that this institute is working to the left of disasters, before it’s too late. This proactive work will ensure that we see, understand, and act before disaster strikes, building a culture of preparedness. I fully support the mission of the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute and its work in crisis management education to make our country more resilient. We are survivors, not victims.”

Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré
U.S. Army (Ret)


“One of the powerful contributions the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute makes is to bring practitioners and academics together to tackle the persistent challenges we face disaster after disaster. Collaboration between responders and researchers is essential if we want to find solutions.Together these communities can generate innovative improvements to emergency response system design and implementation.”

Amy Donahue
Director, Associate Professor and Department Head, University of Connecticut